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March Mehndi Madness 2007

Darcy of the Henna Lounge hosted a wonderful weekend of henna, Indian food, craftmaking and crude jokes!

See more photos here and here.

Re: Henna and Holidays

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Thanks to Khadija for clarifying some misunderstandings I had about Eid Al Fitr! The post has since been fixed. And she also told me about another big holiday coming up around December 31st (depending on the phase of the moon, as the Islamic calendar is lunar, not solar as is the western calendar): Eid Al Adha. So mark your calendars! If you didn’t have a good reason to gussy up and do some henna before, then that would be the perfect time to! About.com has some decent articles on Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha if you’d like to learn more.

Fabulous weekend

This weekend rocked! I did henna with Darcy at a bat mitzvah and a school fair. It was kind of freaky just jumping in and doing it, but I had so much fun that I completely lost track of the time both days.

I was too busy to take photos, which is probably a good thing. My designs are passable, but I see infinite room for improvement. Maybe after I’ve been doing this for ten years, I’ll effortlessly squeeze out gorgeous stuff on wiggly kids like Darcy does. 🙂

My overall opinion? Doing henna kicks ass!

My goals for the next few weeks include using this weekend’s proceeds to start a more appropriate henna wardrobe (how fun!) and practicing henna, especially "five-minute designs" to bust out on kids. My linework needs to be thinner, smoother, and faster. And I need to figure out how to strengthen or steady my hand. I had shaky fingers syndrome bad this weekend. Maybe that’s a good excuse to pick up yoga again — after a few days of yoga, I see boundless improvement in hand flexibility and strength.

On a side note, it’s cool that so many people in the Bay Area are knowledgeable of or interested in henna. I had the range of people, from moms and dads who’d never heard of it before but wanted to give it a try to this awesome little guy, probably five years old, that tested me on whether or not we were doing so-called "black henna," a very dangerous chemical passed off as a henna variant by shady temp tatoo artists in some places. What a pro!

And, of course, many thanks go out to Darcy for being willing to try me out. I considered it a huge gamble on her part, but it seems to have worked out! I totally look forward to more weekends and evenings of henna.