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Fabulous weekend

This weekend rocked! I did henna with Darcy at a bat mitzvah and a school fair. It was kind of freaky just jumping in and doing it, but I had so much fun that I completely lost track of the time both days.

I was too busy to take photos, which is probably a good thing. My designs are passable, but I see infinite room for improvement. Maybe after I’ve been doing this for ten years, I’ll effortlessly squeeze out gorgeous stuff on wiggly kids like Darcy does. 🙂

My overall opinion? Doing henna kicks ass!

My goals for the next few weeks include using this weekend’s proceeds to start a more appropriate henna wardrobe (how fun!) and practicing henna, especially "five-minute designs" to bust out on kids. My linework needs to be thinner, smoother, and faster. And I need to figure out how to strengthen or steady my hand. I had shaky fingers syndrome bad this weekend. Maybe that’s a good excuse to pick up yoga again — after a few days of yoga, I see boundless improvement in hand flexibility and strength.

On a side note, it’s cool that so many people in the Bay Area are knowledgeable of or interested in henna. I had the range of people, from moms and dads who’d never heard of it before but wanted to give it a try to this awesome little guy, probably five years old, that tested me on whether or not we were doing so-called "black henna," a very dangerous chemical passed off as a henna variant by shady temp tatoo artists in some places. What a pro!

And, of course, many thanks go out to Darcy for being willing to try me out. I considered it a huge gamble on her part, but it seems to have worked out! I totally look forward to more weekends and evenings of henna.

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