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Final Hair Results

I realized that I never posted all of my hair photos. Now that it’s nice and mellowed out, in its final color, I think I can! I hear that repeated applications deepen and darken the red color, but if you’re a blonde (like me) and you henna with chamomile and a bit of lavendar (like I did) this is what you can expect!







I love the final color, and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it! Now, almost a month later, I’m starting to see my roots, so I might reapply in the next week or two. I want to add one to three more photos to this log — the color a week and a half after the second application, and the third, etc., to see what kind of color buildup I get using this mix.

I guess I should also note — even though I’m a blonde, reddish hair runs in my family (from my maternal grandma), so I’ve been told numerous times that red hair really compliments my skin tone. In fact, my closest friends have historically described me as a natural redhead, even though from my photo it’s pretty obvious that I’m totally not. 😛

I originally didn’t notice much of a change in my hair texture, but now that I’ve been living with it for a month, I can say that it’s made my hair thicker. I used to cut down on the conditioner in the shower so it wouldn’t weigh my fine hair down, then spritz it with a light leave-in conditioner and a thickening spray. Now all I do is comb through a slightly more generous amount of my "heavy" conditioner and let it air dry! It’s never been softer, and I have no issues with it being too fine. I think it’s a little less wavy now too, but I bet I could still emphasize the wave with some hairspray and a diffuser if I wanted to glam up.

And the shine? Amazing! I actually have friends asking to touch my hair after seeing the sunshine play through it. As for me, I really have to cut the habit of feeling my hair up throughout the day (it’s just so soft! :P) and checking out my reflection in car and shop windows as I pass. Geez, you’d think I’m self-absorbed or something! ("Aren’t most bloggers?" Touche, touche.)

In conclusion, this experiment has been a roaring success! I may never want to go blonde again. 🙂

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