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Henna on Eyebrows

So a few people have asked about henna on eyebrows. I actually rememberd to take photos of the results the last time I did it. 🙂 It took me a few tries to perfect it — you really need to take care to keep water from lightening it up too much for the best results.

First photo: A few hours after taking the paste off. It’s a little orangey. In the shower, I put beeswax lotion (courtesy Darcy) on my brows, because normally, a shower will significantly lighten them.

Second photo: The next morning (over 24 hours later). It’s more of a henna red color, and stays this way for a few days. I did the beeswax lotion again this morning to maintain the color.

I used to glob it on and clean it up with a Q-tip. Now I just outline my eyebrows with a cone and then fill it in. I use a heavily molassessed paste, because it stays soft, making it easier to get out of your eyebrow hairs after it’s been on there for a few hours.

Oh, and a tip: Don’t go to the DMV to get a new liscence photo taken the morning after hennaing your eyebrows! It looks kind of funky to have uber henna hair with these weird orange eyebrows, lol.


  1. Mona-Lisa says:

    How can I do this to get a brown tint to my skin and brows?

  2. Keeley Nolan says:

    what henna did you use? where did u get it from?

  3. elaine! says:

    Hi guys! Mona-Lisa, henna normally gives an orange tint to your skin, so I wouldn’t use it for that purpose. However, on your brows, you can mix the henna with indigo and give that a try. Check out HennaTribe for information on using henna to dye hair brown rather than red; the same technique should work on brows.

    Keeley, I use Rajasthani henna from Henna Lounge. I highly recommend it, it’s all-natural and very high quality.

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