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So many compliments!

So yesterday I got like fifteen compliments on my hair in less than two hours as I was running around town doing work stuff. I figured I should include a pic of how it’s looking, since it’s apparently so stellar!


It’s not a week and a half since application, but it’s getting pretty mellow. When I lather up in the shower, though, I still get orangey suds.

As much as I love the softer, thicker hair and groovy red tones, I think I’m happiest that I have a unique hair color now. People no longer confuse me with my coworker Loren (though I always take that as a compliment, because she’s cool and hot), more security guards remember my name and where I’m from, and more receptionists open up to me via comments like, "Wow, I love your hair color — it’s so rich!"

Also, I had to include a pic of my new piercings. 😉 It’s a long story, but I’m extremely proud of them, and highly recommend Braindrops for piercing, antique/tribal pierced jewelry, and as far as I know, tattoos as well (though I don’t have any of those… yet).


  1. megan says:

    well, it DOES look super. That one pic of your hair right after is so red it almost burns the eyes! but it looks really awesome. did getting that piercing hurt? i always thought that when you pierced the cartilage in the ear it hurts a lot rather than the fleshy part on the lobe.

  2. Elaine says:

    Haha, I feel kind of egotistical posting so many damned photos of my hair, but I’m doing it in part because I couldn’t find any detailed info on how henna turned out on blonde hair. But thank you!
    As far as the cartilage — it’s supposed to hurt more than the lobes, but it hurt less for some reason on me. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was getting my lobes repierced, or at a frickin’ huge gauge. (Glass plugs start at 12 guage.) I can say that it’s more sensitive than the lobes, though. Two days later, though all piercings are still healing, it hurts a helluva lot more if I bump my cartilage than if I bump my lobes.
    You know what’s funny though? Jordan was really iffy about me getting all these piercings… but he likes the cartilage, whereas he’s not too keen on the lobes, lol. I agree — but I mostly got the lobes so I can eventually wear fun dangly earrings. The cartilage I’m stoked with just the way it is!

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