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Thanksgiving henna

Wow, have I been busy lately! However, on Thanksgiving I made it a point to meet up with a good friend and henna the hell out of her. 🙂 Thank you Rebecca for being such a willing canvas, and for sending me your after-pics:



She reports that the stain got even darker the next day. It’s all about the aftercare — congratulations on taking good care of your henna!

She chose the designs from some of Amira‘s books that I brought along. I also recently bought Lezard‘s first (and much-acclaimed) book, which is amazing — it has a lot of Asian elements that I’ve been wanting to eventually integrate into henna designs.

I did a festive little flower design from Lezard’s book for myself for Thanksgiving:


And Darcy was sweet enough to invite me to a Henna Happy Hour at her place the Friday before Thanksgiving, where she created this beautiful & fabulous design on my right hand for me (I love you, Darcy!):


So that pretty much sums up the last half of my November. I’m hoping to do some more henna before my upcoming trip to St. Maarten to visit my brother (I can’t pass up the chance to show off some henna’d skin in a climate warm enough to show skin!), and then perhaps more for Christmas, despite my relatives’ misgivings. My grandma actually thought my Thanksgiving henna was a permanent tattoo. O_o; And no telling what was going through everybody else’s heads… they all just pretended it wasn’t there.

In any case, Happy Holidays everybody! I hope to share more with you soon!

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