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Happy New Year!

Things have been quiet lately here — I haven’t done much henna since Thanksgiving. 🙁

Today things were extremely slow at work because all of our clients skipped out early for the three-day weekend, so we had nothing to do. I had a couple old cones and lemons in the fridge there, and some design ebooks on my flash drive, so I sat down and started doing henna on whoever wanted some.


I started with the boys, ironically. My good friend told me just to doodle (and requested Spiderman’s face after I outlined the Moroccan frame — so I gave him a spider in a spider web). I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of the two scorpions I did. They turned out rather well.

Then I did the ladies. We had a heart with my coworker’s son’s initials in it, and a racy little flower just below my other coworker’s collarbone. I also did some designs from Amira‘s books on myself, one of my other good friends, and a coworker’s girlfriend.


Unfortunately, I don’t think anybody’s stains are going to be that great. Those cones had been sitting in the fridge at work for over a week, and prior to that they went to St. Maarten and back without ice packs. I know it’s not totally dead though, so hopefully with good aftercare, everybody will enjoy their henna!


  1. ran says:

    hey, i recognize that manly forearm! and your design turned out great! i’ve been running around with short-sleeves all weekend! well, as much as this shite for weather will allow…

  2. Elaine says:

    So the color actually showed?? I’m SO HAPPY! The color on my hand didn’t turn out too bad either, but I was really afraid that the henna I was using was completely spent.

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