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Summer festivals and some leaky glitter poofers have reintroduced me to the joy of sparkles!
I like having glitter poofers for festivals because it breaks up the monotony of eight hours of squirting green goop on people. It gives me a reason not to hate my less favorite festival designs (because who can dislike glitter?). I think it also adds value to designs, which is integral for those tiny kanji or horoscope signs people want that barely meet the minimum design dollar amount.
This particular design is from Darcy’s Indo-Arabian e-book. The glitter was kind of a mistake — I meant to sprinkle a little bit on, but I hadn’t used the blue glitter poofer from Amerikan Body Art yet, so I didn’t know that the particular bottle was “looser” than the other bottles of glitter I ordered. After dumping a large amount at the tip of the design, I figured, why the heck not completely glitterize it?? It certainly goes well with jeans!


  1. ran says:

    nice artwork! and adding the term “glitter poofer” to my vocabulary will be fun and interesting.

  2. Areen ali says:

    firstly id like to say that i really like the desighn of the henna. But the thing is iv never used glitter hennah and i was looking for some advice on how to use it.

  3. Elaine says:

    Hi Areen!
    It’s super easy. I do the henna design as normal, then I get a “glitter poofer” (like those sold at Amerikan Body Art, which are a lot like the poofers manicurists use to add glitter to your nails) and poof little clouds of glitter over the design while it’s still wet. It only sticks to the wet design, not your skin, so it sort of colors the henna.
    People also use glitter pastes, kind of like metallic puffy paint used on fabrics, to touch up finished henna designs. I don’t have personal experience with it, but Amerikan Body Art sells kits that show you how to make non-henna glitter “tattoos,” which can also be used like glitter paste to make designs really fun.
    Experiment with it and have fun! I love sparlies, and ladies who get glitter on their henna tend to leave it on longer, too.

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