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henna on eyebrows

Henna on Eyebrows

So a few people have asked about henna on eyebrows. I actually rememberd to take photos of the results the last time I did it. 🙂 It took me a few tries to perfect it — you really need to take care to keep water from lightening it up too much for the best results.

First photo: A few hours after taking the paste off. It’s a little orangey. In the shower, I put beeswax lotion (courtesy Darcy) on my brows, because normally, a shower will significantly lighten them.

Second photo: The next morning (over 24 hours later). It’s more of a henna red color, and stays this way for a few days. I did the beeswax lotion again this morning to maintain the color.

I used to glob it on and clean it up with a Q-tip. Now I just outline my eyebrows with a cone and then fill it in. I use a heavily molassessed paste, because it stays soft, making it easier to get out of your eyebrow hairs after it’s been on there for a few hours.

Oh, and a tip: Don’t go to the DMV to get a new liscence photo taken the morning after hennaing your eyebrows! It looks kind of funky to have uber henna hair with these weird orange eyebrows, lol.

Eyebrows, Poste-Paste

Wow! It turned out pretty good. The skin color is no better/worse than filling in my eyebrows with powdered makeup, and it matches my hair color better than the brown eyeshadow I usually use anyway, even during the orange stage. I can’t tell for the life of me if it actually stained the hairs red. We’ll just have to see how it matches up with the hair on top of my head after a couple days.

So there you have it! Henna works well on eyebrows, too!


Groucho Marx

I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception.
-Groucho Marx

Okay, I’m going into very unknown territory here. My eyebrows were so not-red as compared to my newly-henna’d hair that, well, I henna’s my eyebrows.


This is with the paste on, obviously.

My logic went something like this:

  1. I’m bored.
  2. My grandma tatooed her eyebrows… what’s so different about using henna on ’em?
  3. Facial skin is too thin and oily to stain very well. So, my eyebrow skin shouldn’t be orange for too long. I hope.
  4. I’m bored.

So I took out my last cone of slimy-ass mehndi henna that I used on my hand the night before. (I had already decided to throw the batch out because, while the staining power was fine, it was a nearly unworkable texture and bled like hell overnight.) I coned in each of my eyebrows and cleaned them up around the edges with Q-tips. Then I put my hair back with a band to keep it from sticking to my eyebrows and took a photo for you all to giggle at. I’m gonna pray for four hours that this wasn’t a really, really bad idea, then wash it out and take another picture for y’all.

Wish me luck!